In the small town of Linton situated in the southeastern Australian state of Victoria, a woman in her fifties was riding her beloved Palomino horse along Lover's Lane when a ferocious dog suddenly attacked her. There's much more to say below about this heroic tale of animal loyalty, bravery and sacrifice.

This story hails from that part of  the world known affectionately as "down under." The state of Victoria is situated in the southeastern part of the continent and is considered the country's most densely  populated  area. (Australia is uniquely both a nation and a continent.)  A woman in her fifties was riding alone a few days ago when she was attacked by a dog and pulled out of the saddle. (See: Sergeant Reckless: Valiant Mare and Patriotic Marine.)


Palomono Hero
Photo: Linton Police

Horses Are Loyal Creatures and Sometimes Heroes

The woman's horse responded by desperately attempting to protect her, sustaining  deep wounds to its neck in the process. The faithful animal rushed the dog and chased it down the bush track away from the fallen rider. When treated with love and kindness, horses can and do express love and loyalty to their owners, albeit not as demonstrably as a loving dog might. A recent study conducted by Discovery News, indicated that horses are close to those who lovingly care for them, especially when food treats and soft words are employed. Horses can remember a kindness even long after the fact. (See: Ceasar The Camel and Dolly The Blind Mare.)

An Ambulance Was  Called To The Scene

Ambulance Victoria confirmed that they arrived at Lover's Lane at about 12:30 in the afternoon. The woman was taken to Ballarat Base Hospital in stable condition, with injuries  to her lower leg. When they later retrieved the poor horse, they discovered large, ugly gashes on its neck where the dog attacked and they required many stitches from a veterinarian. (See: Pot-Bellied Pig Saves Owner From Heart Attack.)

Immediately after the incident, leading Senior Constable, Tony Walker, notified residents to contact the Golden Plains Rangers or the Linton police force if they spotted the dog that could have been dangerously rabid. The owner of the dog has since been located  and the animal was  surrendered to authorities. Its fate is unknown as of this writing.(See: Abigail The Pit Bull.)

More On Palomino Horses

The name derives from Palomina, a royal family of Spain. Their coloring is as rich as their history, as Cortes was known to have transported some of Queen Isabella's magnificent stock to the New World in 1519. Palomino refers only to color, and these horses are often found in diverse breeds, although about 50% are registered Quarter horses.


Palomino Running Through Wildflowers
Wide Open Pets

The horse in question here may be nameless in terms of this article, but the spirit of love and protection it demonstrated to its owner in distress has bestowed upon it another  moniker; namely hero. (See: Dog Attacks Suicide Bomber.)

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