Read this sad story of a very courageous animal who despite the fact that she had received no special training, saved the lives of scores of people attending a Nigerian wedding party by attacking a  teenage suicide bomber carrying an IED attached to her body.

The name of this brave dog is not known, but her deeds have reverberated throughout the world. A female suicide bomber at a Nigerian wedding party detonated the explosive while trying to free herself  from the dog's steadfast grip. unfortunately, the animal died alongside her, but the mission was thwarted and the dog's incredible sacrifice has been honored. The Boka Haram extremist sect is responsible for the bombing. (See: Two Purple Hearts)


Hero Dog
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The Boka Haram

It is this same terrorist organization that kidnapped more than 200 girls from an African village a few years ago. Its name translates to "Western education is a sin." This murderous sect has massacred thousands upon thousands of innocent Muslims. They bomb schools, churches, mosques and even entire villages. their cruelty is unparalleled and they have been known to be head truck drivers with chainsaws. A powerful, multinational force has riven Boko Haram out of most towns and cities in northeastern Nigeria, but the extremists have resorted to using suicide bombers to attack  soft targets. (See: Lucca A Dog for All Seasons.)

The dog intervened and saved the entire wedding party from certain death

The frightening incident occurred in Belbelo village, near the northeastern Nigerian city of Maiduguri, only a few hours after  three suicide bombers blew themselves up at two different locations not far from the spot where the wedding took place. According to Buba Ahmed, who was a guest at the ill-fated wedding, all are very grateful that the poor dog sacrificed herself to save their lives. He noticed the teenage girl bomber standing on the  outskirts of the village ceremony when the dog suddenly pounced on her. (See: The Dog Who Took A Bite Out of Isis.)

Although unnamed, this dog is not an unsung heroine. The police reported that she belonged to a resident in the neighborhood where the wedding took place. The suicide bomber was slowly making her way into the crowd before the dog attacked her. It is not known how the untrained dog managed to sense that the woman had an IED attached to her waist. Whatever guided the actions of this valiant canine made the animal a hero in everyone's eyes. (See: Cat Takes Bullet Meant For Three-Year-Old.)

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