Idaho pet squirrel, Joey, may be an effective crime fighter, but he is much more of a lover. Read his heart-warming story of love and affection that is certain to make you smile the next time a squirrel scurries by in your backyard.

This Squirrel Made Headlines A Few Short Months Ago

Boise police have credited Joey the squirrel with scaring off a burglar who was trying to break into a gun safe in the home Adam Pearl shared with his wife, Carmen. A few hours later, police nabbed a teen burglary suspect with items from the Pearl home in his possession and a multitude of scratches on his hands. The robber told the police that a squirrel in the home came flying out of nowhere and kept attacking him until he left the premises. (See: Momo The Dog Saves Friends From Bear Attack.)

Like many other fighters of crime without benefit of bushy tails, Joey the squirrel had a difficult beginning. His mother abandoned him after he fell out of his nest in a tree very soon after birth. Adam Pearl said: "His eyes weren't even open and he was about the size of a Bic  lighter when we first got him." There's no question that he would have died had not Adam and his wife taken him in and nursed him  back to health. They bought supplies and set an alarm every two hours to feed him. The squirrel grew into a thriving, adorable critter, who had the run of the house, used a litter-box and learned  to scavenge for nuts from bowls left for him  throughout the house. (See: Tink:The Cat Who saved Her Family From Fire.)

Joey and Adam Pearl
Joey And Adam Pearl

Joey Stays With The Family But Soon Says Goodbye

Joey delighted the Pearl family with his adorable antics and was friendly to those who visited the house up until the break-in, after which, he became aggressive with strangers. The Pearls decided to leave their back door open and give him a chance to re-acclimate himself to the out-of-doors, like any self-respecting squirrel. he eventually ventured out and played with t he wild squirrels, returning at night to his bed in the home of the humans he loved. But soon the time came in early June when the squirrel climbed onto Adam's shoulder where he got his ears scratched for the last time time and scampered  off into the apple tree.  "I think it was his goodbye, looking back on it," Adam said. (See; Dog Saves Wedding Party From Suicide Bomber.)

Joey The Squirrel Hasn't Been Seen Since

According to Adam Pearl, "If I had to guess, I'd say that he found a girlfriend and they're off doing their squirrel thing." Janet Rachlow, a University of Idaho professor in the school's Department of Fish and Wildlife Sciences concurs with this idea: She said: "For a lot of mammals, behavior changes once spring comes." Even though he may have  a bit of squirrel life shock at first, it s likely that he will succeed in the wild. (See: Lulu The Pot-Belied Pig.)

The Pearls Are Now Empty Nesters Of Sorts

Even though they loved Joey and welcomed him into their  home where he lived happily for ten months, their house was not squirrel-proof and he liked to chew on almost anything he could get his teeth around. I guess for Joey, even though the Pearls didn't have bushy tails or care too much for climbing trees or cracking nuts, they were okay as far as squirrel-humans go.

Hey, Joey, way to go!

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Source: Komo News

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