A few years ago, a search party for a beloved missing farm dog uncovered a baby girl who would have died from exposure if not for the protection provided by this heroic animal who remained by her side until help came and rescued them both.

According to the Ghana News Agency, a search party  convened to locate a farmer's missing dog and spent most of the night tracking the animal through nearby fields and woods. Some time later, this turned out  to be a serendipitous event in more ways than one.(See: Pride of Lions Save Kidnapped Ethiopian Girl.)

The searchers discovered the dog as well as an abandoned two-week-old baby girl under a bridge in the Bolgatanga district, which is located in the Upper East Regional Capital of Ghana. The missing dog was curled up around the infant, keeping it warm.  The photos below are not the actual dog and child, as no photos of either have ever been released. (See:Retriever Saves Owner From Freezing To Death.)


Loving Dog and Baby
Loving Dog And Infant

In the  words of Ghana News Agency reporter, Hannah Zemp-Tapang: "The dog was trying to protect the baby. It's a female dog and it must be her mothering instinct." It is interesting to note that even though this rescue story is unusual , it is very similar to a local legend that circulated many years ago concerning  a baby that was alone at home when the house caught fire. The family dog saved the baby by carrying the child in its mouth and out to safety. (See; The Elephant That Stopped For A Child.)

Madame Rosemary Azure, a district health director in Ghana, recounted the legend, and told the press that the baby's umbilical cord was poorly cut, most likely at the hands of a teenage mother. This caused an infection for which the baby was properly treated. Azure brought he to a ceremony celebrating the launch of two vaccines. (See; Homeless Russian Cat Saves Infant From Freezing To Death.)


Adorable African Baby Girl
Adorable Infant

While there has been no follow-up on any information regarding the fate of this little girl or her teenage parents, the dog was returned to his  grateful owner and declared  a local hero.  it can only be hoped the little girl found a caring family and that there was some legal  recourse concerning the actions of her negligent parents. While their youth might explain their choices to a certain extent, it does not excuse them and they must still be held accountable in some way for their actions., which if not for the dog's intervention, would have resulted in her death. (See: Heroic Dog Attacks Suicide Bomber.)

Both the name of the dog and the baby remain anonymous, but the story has been verified.

Here's to farm dogs everywhere!

Good job!

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Source: Daily Mail


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