Meet four intrepid dolphins whose actions saved the life of a drowning girl off the coast of Los Angeles.

Dolphins Have Been Known To Aid Humans In Distress

Documented tales of dolphins rescuing humans from certain death at sea date as far back as ancient Greece. While scientific proof that super intelligent dolphins empathize with the perilous situations of other species may be lacking, there are enough first-hand rescue stories to make anyone believe the existence of some form of uncanny divination that motivates these mysterious marine animals. There was even one harrowing tale that came  from actor, Dick van Dyke, who a few years ago, lost his surfboard and was floundering in the water when he suddenly felt a force beneath him. He was brought to shore by a group of dolphins swimming beneath him. (See: (Pet Squirrel Foils Home Invasion.)


Dolphins At Play
Dolphins At Play

Whatever the motivation, biologist, Maddalena Bearzi, president and co-founder of the Ocean Conservative Society, witnessed a group of four bottle-nose dolphins that recently rescued a suicidal girl off the waters of Los Angeles, California. According to the published account in her latest book," Dolphin Confidential: Confessions of a Field Biologist," the dolphins suddenly left a feeding session and guided the boat three miles away to where the girl was drowning. They formed a protective ring around her, and the scientists were able to get the girl to shore and to a hospital in Marina Del Rey where she made a full recovery. (See: Hero Cat Saves Yacht Owner From Drowning.)

One Dolphin Initiated The Rescue

The scientific team was following a school of dolphins near the shore for the purpose of studying their behavior. Suddenly, no one can say why, one dolphin broke away from a feeding circle and swam towards deeper waters with the others following in quick pursuit. Researchers were taken aback, as most of their tracking had been limited to within six or seven hundred feet off the beach. The scientists quickly followed the speeding dolphins to approximately three miles off the coast where they abruptly stopped and formed a ring around a "dark object in the water." (See: Sassy the Chihuahua.)


Dolphin Rescues Dog
Dolphin Rescues Dog


The Girl Had Attempted Suicide

The blonde girl, thought to be about 18, was floating almost lifeless and fully clothed. In the words of Dr. Bearzi: "As the boat neared, she feebly turned her head toward us, half-raising her hand as a weak sign for help." The scientific team radioed the lifeguards and raced her  back to the nearest harbor. Suffering from sever hypothermia, the team kept her warm by wrapping her in a blanket and hugging her until they reached the hospital. She spoke little English and emergency physicians found a suicide note sealed along with her passport in a plastic bag tied around her neck. (See: Dog Attacks Suicide Bomber.)

Emergency doctors told the scientists that the girl, who was visiting Los Angeles from Germany, was expected to make a full recovery.  According to Bearzi: "If we hadn't found her, if the dolphins hadn't led us offshore when they did to that specific place, she would have died. "


Dolphin and Child
Dolphin Kissing Child

While scientific inquiry may continue to question why dolphins do what they do when humans are in trouble, one lingering question remains to be answered: The dolphins swam more than 3 miles to find the girl. How did they know where she was?

How indeed!

Good jobs, dolphins. Good job.

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 Original Source: National Geographic