A Georgia family adopted a dog named Kailey and never expected that she would turn out to be a hero who would save them from a perilous gas leak. Read on for more of her brave and touching tale.

The Chandler Family Rescued Kailey

Suzy Chandler fell in love with Kailey  after reading a Facebook post written by the dog's foster mom, Jacqueline Berlin. Her post called for "all introverts to come and meet their doggie soul mate and Suzy was hooked.  Ms. Berlin had cared for the dog for several months, but a permanent home seemed a distant dream because the dog had an issue that impeded adoption. A behavior that probably stemmed from former abuse, Kailey would snap at a person who tried to pet her if she didn't know them. (See: A Cat Named Tink.)

The Dog's Days Were Numbered As No one Wanted Her

The dog had spent a year on the DeKalb County Animal Services adoption list and would not have lasted much longer. Touched by everything the animal had been through, Suzy knew the dog would be the perfect match for her family and that they could give her enough love and attention to win her trust and give her a sense of belonging. It was on a Friday morning just a few weeks after she brought Kailey home that the shepherd mix no one wanted came through with flying colors. (See: Lulu the Pot-Belied Pig)

Kailey Saves The Day

The dog exhibited strange behavior on that fateful day, growling and barking incessantly to get the family's attention. No one could imagine what the problem was as everything seemed normal and serene.  Suzie Chandler brought the dog outside where she was immediately pulled to the side yard of the house. In her own words: "Right away, I smelled overpowering gas and there was a loud whooshing sound....I just don't take chances with peoples' lives. It was a dangerous situation. I called 911, and firefighters quickly responded to the scene.  Kailey is our hero dog because we do not know what the outcome could have been." (See: The Soldier Who Rescued The Cat and Vice Versa.)


Kailey and  Family
Kailey and Family

The DeKalb County Fire Department responded and conducted air-monitoring checks at a neighboring apartment complex where many children lived. Kailey's former foster parents were very proud to hear about her heroic actions. Chandler hopes that Kailey's story will inspire others to adopt dogs from shelters that may require some  extra love and attention. She told the press: "If you have the space and room in her heart to take in a needy animal and to love them, it comes back to you tenfold. (See: Dog Attacks Suicide Bomber.)

Good job, Kailey!

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