A 45-second clip from security footage updated from Facebook reveals a Siamese cat from Bogota, Columbia, leaping in front of a child to prevent him from falling down a staircase. Learn more about this amazing feline.


Gatubela To The Rescue

             Photo: NST

Gatubela Saves The Day

It all happened in November of 2019. Security footage clearly shows a cat with a heart! As toddler, Samuel, crawls outside of his crib on the top floor of a home, the family cat is seated peacefully on a nearby couch. As the child moves to an open doorway and towards a steep stairway of some twelve steps,  Gatubela, which translates into cat woman, can be seen jumping off the couch and stopping in front of the baby, trying to distract hm away from the stairs. In the next instance, she jumps on top of little Samuel as he gets too close, and inserts herself between him and a potentially lethal tumble. (See: Alice The Hero German Shepherd.)

Whether or not the cat just wanted to play with the child isn't entirely clear, but the footage does strongly suggest that the cat was intentionally trying to turn the Samuel's attention away from the door and the nearby stairs. The telling video was posted on the Facebook page of a cat rescue and adoption organization based in Bogota, Columbia. The story illustrates the results of one recent study that reveals cats bond with their human caretakers just as much as dogs do, but in their own feline and aloof way. (See: Binky The Hero Cat.)


Hero Feline Gatibela
Photo: The Great Celebrity.com

According to Metro, the child's mother, Diane Lorena Alvarez, checked the home's CCTV to figure  out how her son got out of his crib. She said: "I was a short distance from him when I suddenly noticed that he had woken up and left the crib by himself. For this reason, I wanted to go back over the recordings so that I could see how he got out of his crib...It was at that moment that I discovered our cat had saved his life. If it had not been for the cat, my son would have rolled down the stairs." (See: Pudding Wisconsin's Life Saving Cat.)

According to researcher, Kristyn Vita, "most cats want to feel safe and consider their human caretakers their personal security blanket."

Good girl, Gatubela!

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Source: Fox News