Dalmatians might be great firehouse dogs but for one thankful Canadian family the best pet to have around in case of a fire is a black & white cat.

Hero Cat Bites Sleeping Owner, Saves Family From House Fire

The family in question lives in a house trailer in Clairmont, a town of just over 2,000 people located north of Grande Prairie, Alberta. Early in the morning of Thursday, February 9th, the family was sound asleep when a fire broke out. Being a trailer, their home was not equipped with smoke alarms. They did, however, have a cat and thanks to the feline's survival instincts everyone – cat included – is healthy and happy today.  

According to Grande Prairie fire chief Trevor Grant, the heroic kitty presumably smelled smoke and bit one of the family members on the arm. The person awoke, discovered their home was on fire, and ensured everyone quickly escaped from the burning trailer. It would seem the unnamed moggy (seen in the above photo being carried from the trailer by Grande Prairie firefighter Sheryl Braim) may have been the last to leave the trailer. Good kitty! (via Edmonton Journal, photo by William Vavrek)