Chances are pretty good that all of us grew up watching The Flintstones
at some point or other in our childhoods. It was hard not to fall in
love with the translation of our modern lives into prehistory. You can
honor those memories with this adorable Brontosaurus Salt and Pepper

Brontosaurus Salt and Pepper ShakersBrontosaurus Salt and Pepper Shakers

These small green dinosaurs from the late Jurassic period are made of ceramic. At just under 4 inches tall these thunder lizards are not likely to be shaking the table, but they will make a cute and fun table or stove accent. A pair of magnets keep the two together when not in use.

Of course, if you are dining alone you will have someone to talk to. I would name the tall one Dino and the little one Bronwyn. They would go beautifully with my green kitchen decor. They would also make a great gift for any dinosaur lover.

To order a set of your own Brontosaurus Salt and Pepper
Shakers, click here.

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