If I were a cat impersonator, I think I'd like this Hepper Pod cat bed; it would make the perfect hideout!

It's 20 inch width, depth, and height gives me plenty of room to move around and I can curl up around the side and not even be seen unless I get fat. But so what? The Hepper Pod cat bed holds up to fifty pounds. (Stop me if I get even close to 50 pounds!)



Oh boy, this is nice inside. This bed is very nice, very good fabric. Label says its "microfiber" and oh, look, the pad is even reversible. Sherpa fleece on the other side for these cold winter nights. Washable too. Cool colors, don't you think?




No trouble standing up in here. I wonder what these walls are made of? "Flexible molded foam" so I can't hurt myself, and "laminated fabric" on the outside; got to match the human furniture. Notice that strong steel frame so I won't topple over while I'm making my bed.

Boy this Hepper Pod is cool. I like this Racetrack Graphite color combo for me, but I think I'll recommend the Herringbone to Hermine; it's her.



Do you know any white cats? This Spring Bud Green might suit them well... hides the fallout, if you get my meaning.



It's fun pretending to be a cat, especially when you're looking for a cozy bed and hideout!

You can find all of these beds and hideouts here.


That's the buzz for today!



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