Is your dog your best running companion?  With the latest inventions you can not only take your pal on your runs with you but also track just how much exercise he is getting too!

The Tagg Pet Tracker allows you to monitor your pet’s daily activity to ensure they are meeting the needed requirements to stay as healthy and fit as you do.  Simply find the size and style that will work with for your dog, put it on, and let the tracker do the rest.  You’ll be amazed at the information this simple device can give you about your pet’s activity.


In the same way you can wear a pedometer to monitor if you are getting enough physical exercise in your day, the Tagg Tracker can monitor just how physically active your pet is as well.  If you care about your pet’s health and continued activity, this allows you ensure he’s getting enough exercise. The program even allows you to see progress reports each day that look like this:

You can get more info on the Tagg Pet Tracker here.

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