Let's face it, dogs aren't really big on having cleavage. You can change
that all up this Halloween without radical and totally creepy cosmetic
surgery. Your dog can unleash its inner bimbo with this funny The Lady
is a Tramp Dog Costume and you can show everyone what dating a dog
really looks like.

 The Lady is a Tramp Dog CostumeThe Lady is a Tramp Dog Costume

This costume includes a trampy leopard print dress, which comes complete with built-in bimbo-style cleavage. It also has a big hair wig and faux fur faux boots. Those boots aren't made for walking -- it is just an incredible simulation. Your dog's tail wag will add that natural sexy hip movement.

Your dog will be the hit of the holiday with this costume. To order your precious pooch The Lady
is a Tramp Dog Costume, click here.

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