the health benefits of owning an aquarium
The health benefits of owning an aquarium


Stress is getting more and more prevalent in our lives. The problem with stress is that it doesn’t just upset our emotional balance. It can wreak havoc on our physical health as well. That’s why it’s important to find a way to unwind at the end of the day. Some people run or exercise. Others choose to meditate or listen to relaxing music. But, according to recent studies, the soothing sights and sounds an aquarium can provide might be all you need to put everything behind you.

the health benefits of owning an aquarium
Even a tank full of goldfish can be soothing

Heart Rate & Blood Pressure

Research has shown that watching fish swimming idly about in an aquarium actually has a calming affect to the point that it can lower our blood pressure and our heart rate. Managing these health challenges through alternative means could even reduce the need for costly prescription medications. If you have a choice between taking pills and serenely watching fish, choose the fish.

health benefits of an aquarium
Add interesting accents to your aquarium

Kids with ADHD

Another study showed that children who have been diagnosed with ADHD were visibly calmer after watching fish swimming in an aquarium. And it’s probably not just the fish as much as it’s the overall effect of a well-appointed aquarium. If you have one, dress it up. Add coral and plants, seashells, a mini treasure chest, a SCUBA diver or even a string or pearls. The point is to make it as visually appealing as possible.

health benefits of an aquarium
Coral in an aquarium

Studies Involving the Elderly & Fish

Not surprisingly, clinical data indicates that the positive benefits of watching fish for the elderly are twofold: not only does the practice improve one’s mental state and eating habits, but it’s been shown to reduce disruptive behavior or outbursts in patients with Alzheimer’s disease. This is great news for caregivers and patients alike.

health benefits of watching fish
Watching fish can lower your blood pressure

Reducing Anxiety

Among the many benefits of having an aquarium is the fact that viewing the tranquil goings on inside one can reduce anxiety on the level of hypnosis when it comes to stressful or fearful situations. Researchers observed that patients watching fish in an aquarium prior to dental work were calmer with lower anxiety levels and required fewer pain medications as a result.

countertop fish tanks
The Water Garden is perfect for limited space.

Making the Most of Your Space

Aquariums and small fish tanks are an excellent alternative to pets that require more room and care for those that have limited living space or individuals with physical limitations. If you don't have a yard to let your pets out in or you're not up to the task of exercising your pets personally, you can still derive the health benefits of owning a pet with an aquarium. And it doesn't have to be a large one. There are some great starter kits available for beginner fish owners and some really cute countertop tanks you can purchase now.

So, are you ready to buy an aquarium yet?