Headlight Harness


A headlight on a harness is both clever and practical, but the patented Headlight Harness is so much more.


The Headlight


Headlight Harness

Headlight Harness


The most novel aspect of the harness is, of course, the headlight, which shines up to 100 feet with an 80 lumen LED.  Now that's ingenious!

Obviously, the headlight feature is perfect, adding better night vision to your dog's ability to hear.

But it also lights the way for you! No need to bring a flashlight!


The Glow-In-The-Dark Strips

Another novel use of light is the design of the reflective light band, lighting almost the whole perimeter of the harness.


Headlight Harness

Your dog can see and be seen!



The Ergonomic Design


Headlight Harness

Headlight Harness is sturdy but lightweight


Looks are deceiving in this sturdy harness; it is actually very lightweight.

And the design is impeccable. I, at least, can't find anything that wasn't considered when this was designed?


Headlight Harness


I especially appreciate that it has:

  • two leash rings - one on the back, and the second on the chest;
  • the no-choke collar,
  • the handle (in case you need to lift your dog),
  • the padded chest, and
  • an easy to access power button for the headlight


The Headlight Harness comes in black, orange, and blue in sizes XS to XXL. Measure according to the recommended sizing below. Note that the instructions are to take the smaller size if measurements are between two sizes. In other words, if your dog weighs exactly 20 pounds, choose the small size instead of the medium size.

Headlight Harness



It's hard to find any product that meets all of your needs. You may like the style, but not the material. Desirable features may be included, but the product weighs too much. This is true of people and pet products.

But I'm liking what the Headlight Harness presents.


That's the buzz for today!

Lady Bee


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I hope you called the company. Perhaps you can replace the battery or the light itself? I will send your note to them.