With the new movie Jurassic World heating up the silver screen this
summer, you may want to turn that into a cool winter with a Stegosaurus
Ornament or a T-Rex Ornament this Christmas.

Stegosaurus OrnamentStegosaurus Ornament

Each of these tiny dinos is made of hand painted blown glass as in days of old. You can choose between the vegetarian stegosaurus and the carnivorous tyrannosaurus rex -- or just go wild and get both. At just 4 inches tall they will make a cool and unusual statement on your tree.

T-Rex OrnamentT-Rex Ornament

These ornaments will become heirlooms to be handed down through your family for generations. Just place them high on the tree if you have small children or pets since they are made of glass and are very delicate.

To order the Stegosaurus
Ornament, click here. To order the T-Rex Ornament, click here.

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