It may seem a little late in the season to be ordering gifts online, but
not when it is a quick MP3 download. Get the fun of Reggie the
Christmas Hamster
for a song. Um, pun intended. Laughing

Reindeer saving Christmas is old news. So are Hanukkah Harry and his donkeys. Even a variety of chipmunks have had their shot at it. It is time for the true hero of the rodent family -- the hamster. And he doesn't need any stinking bag -- he can store all those gifts in his cheeks, pardon the spit!

Reggie the Chrisitmas HamsterReggie the Chrisitmas Hamster

Now that you've got that planned, what are your going to do for you own hamster hero. It is a little late for online shopping and the pet store may be tapped out of the good stuff before you get there. So it is time for a little DIY.

Make a maze out of boxes and bits of cardboard. Popsicle sticks can help with your construction as well. A new space to explore and negotiate could make a very Merry Christmas for your rodent pal. Just make sure that the cat isn't sitting in the stands watching. Get creative and add a few tiny obstacles. Just make sure to use non-toxic glue.

Christmas Hamster (Photo by Mader Andrea/Creative Commons via Wikimedia)Christmas Hamster (Photo by Mader Andrea/Creative Commons via Wikimedia)

You should be able to make a tiny hamster amusement park in a couple of hours, providing your scissors and glue hold out. You can play Reggie the Christmas Hamster to go along with the project. If that grows old, switch to Alvin and the Chipmunks instead.

To order Reggie the Christmas Hamster, click here.

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Here is a little extra holiday cheer from some hamsters:

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