Meet Hatch-chan, an otherwise unremarkable black & white house cat except for his mad blogging skills. Hatch-chan has come a long way from the days when he roamed the streets as a stray. These days, the six-year-old no longer spends his time stalking pigeons and scratching fleas. Instead he "authors" one of Japan's most popular blogs - at press time it's racking up over 50,000 hits a day!

Give credit to Hatch-chan's owners, successful photographers both, who've applied constant promotional efforts and social networking savvy toward making the two-toned tabby the toast of the town.

Hatch-chan is Japan's purr-fect blogging cat

Hatch-chan lives in Osaka with Natsumi Fujiwara and her husband, and if you think he lives the life of a typical pampered puss you'd be sorely mistaken. Hatch-chan actually enjoys living conditions more suited to a child than a pet, with a small apartment of his own in which to prowl around.

It's not all fun & cat games, however - Natsumi Fujiwara plays the roles of paparazzi and ghost writer, documenting virtually every move Hatch-chan makes and then uploading the results on a daily blog posting. Both Fujiwara and Hatch-chan have got their hands (and paws) full: there's a Hatch-chan calendar, fridge magnets, DVDs and more. Picture "The Truman Show" with a kitty instead of a Carrey and you've got Hatch-chan's life in a nutshell.

Hatch-chan is Japan's purr-fect blogging cat

Being Japan's foremost feline blogger definitely keeps Hatch-chan on his toes, er, claws. One consequence of his popularity is that his fans want to see Hatch-chan in the fur at "meet the fans" events held at department stores, schools, store openings and the like.

Hatch-chan has also made the rounds of Japan's TV shows like "Pets Pochi Tama" where the nonchalant guest star yawned, stretched and posed for an admiring crowd of fans brandishing smartphone cameras. Hatch-chan performed like a pro whose seen it all, and compared to most house cats he probably has!

Hatch-chan is Japan's purr-fect blogging cat

As we've already mentioned, this former stray has come a very long way and most definitely is the Top Cat, at least to his human friends, fans and admirers. He's still going strong, almost 8 years after this article was posted - Hatch-chan's photobook and 2019 calendar are available at Amazon Japan and/or his website's Goods Shop. (via hatchan-nikki)


*** UPDATED on December 25th, 2018 ***