Gator Scratch Toy

Gator Scratch Toy


When you have a large cat, say 12 to 18 pounds, it's hard to find many toys that suit him. The Hartz Gator Scratch Toy is 20 inches long and has many surfaces that appeal to all cats.

Actually there are two versions of the Gator Scratch Toys; one that comes in your choice of purple or green and is stuffed with catnip and the other, called the Cattraction Gator Toy, that comes in light blue and lime, and is stuffed with catnip and silvervine. Silvervine is an east-Asian vine that's very appealing to cats, but when combined with catnip, it's super stimulating.


Gator Scratch Toys


Both toys are very highly rated by cat parents, and you can see why. The Gator Scratch Toys offer several 'gaming' opportunities:

1. The Gator Toys are filled with crackly material to increase your cat's interest.

2. The catnip or catnip/silver vine stuffed gator heads act as cushy pillows for your cat with a soft surface for rubbing her cheeks.


Hartz Gator Scratch Toy

Gator Scratch Toy


3. The sisal surface in the mid-section gives opportunity for scratching fun, and there's even a pocket in which to hide something.

4. In addition to scratching and rubbing against the Gator Toy, your cat can bat around the catnip-filled ball with it's attached soft feather.


Gator Scratch Toy

Gator Scratch Toy


5. And, the Gator Toys can lie flat (more stable on a rug), or can be hung on a door knob for cats who like to climb as they scratch.

No matter which version you select, the Gator Scratch Toys are winners. And Hartz makes a solid product, so you and your cat will be happy.


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