The Harinezumi Carry House looks like a handbag but is really a portable home away from home designed to transport your pet hedgehog in sumptuous comfort.  

Harinezumi Carry House Handbag

Old and busted: toting your primped and pampered chihuahua around in a purse like Paris Hilton. New hotness: hobnobbing with one-percenters holding a Harinezumi Carry House handbag like... well, like nobody EVAR! Sorry Paris, making the scene with a hedgehog in your handbag makes the ol' poodle in yo' pocket seem SO yesterday.

The Harinezumi Carry House (“harinezumi” is Japanese for “hedgehog”) may look like a designer handbag but it's not for storing your stuff while you're out & about. The 100% cotton-walled and particle board-bottomed bag is just the right size for hauling one average-sized hedgehog... you've got a hedgehog, right? Dude or dudette, get with the program!    

Harinezumi Carry House Handbag

The Harinezumi Carry House comes from SOLCION, a manufacturing brand that proposes various ideas and products based on the concept of “unprecedented”. No argument from us – we guarantee the thought of taking a hedgehog to lunch, work or play had never before crossed our minds. Now that it has, however... we kinda see the appeal. Question is, will the hedgehog? Will PeTA? So many questions!

At press time, the Harinezumi Carry House handbag is currently crowdfunding at READYFOR with an anticipated retail launch window sometime in late March of 2020. It'll probably happen, too: after just a couple of days at the crowdfunding site it's already racked up 25% of the 100,000 yen ($910) goal. Hmm, better go hedgehog-shopping, stat! (via PR Times)