May 1st had traditionally been a day to celebrate Robin Hood. This goes
back centuries. A fun way to celebrate with the kids is to watch
Disney's Robin Hood. Each of the characters is portrayed as an animal.

Disney's Robin HoodDisney's Robin Hood

Robin Hood and Maid Marian are literally quite foxy. Little John is a big bear. The Sheriff of Nottingham is a wolf.Prince John is an immature lion who tends to suck his thumb. The whole thing is narrated by Alan-a-Dale, a lute-playing rooster.

Disney's Robin HoodDisney's Robin Hood

It is a fun ride through the tale with cute and funny scenes added to make the tale just a little softer. For instance in one scene Maid Marian and her lady in waiting (a chicken) are playing badminton. A birdie goes down Lady Kluck's cleavage and ruffles her feathers considerably. Robin also helps out a poor rabbit family whose baby bunnies are ardent fans of his.

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