Some of the cutest creatures to come out of the Star Wars franchise came with Return of the Jedi. The forest moon of Endor was rich with plant life and a race of alien creatures known as Ewoks. Have yourself a Star Wars themed party this year and invite this adorable Star Wars Ewok Candy Dish to serve up some fun!

Star Wars Ewok Candy Dish
Star Wars Ewok Candy Dish

Polish off your Darth Vader mask and helmet while remembering that this cute and furry little creature is an enemy of The Empire and guilty of aiding the Rebel Alliance. I don't know if this is Wicket or Chirpa, but I do know that it is a whimsical way to serve candy at any time, not just Halloween. The way I figure it, an Ewok is an alien. That makes them extra-terrestrials, or E.T.s if you will. So obviously the most appropriate candy to serve in Wicket's bowl is Reese's Pieces. Naturally though, it is your call. 

This Ewok is officially licensed Star Wars merchandise. It is open at the back so you want to place it accordingly. It is also a good idea to counter weight that area with a bag of rice or beans or something so that the candy won't cause this little guy to get tipsy. Candy not included (duh) and not Ewok life size.

To order your own Star Wars Ewok Candy Dish (or as a gift for a fellow fan), click here.

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