One of the best gifts you can give a kid for the holidays is a book. For
Hanukkah this year you could share the heartwarming story of Simon and
the Bear
with your children. Hanukkah can bring out more than just one

Simon and the BearSimon and the Bear

In the story Simon sets sail for America with promises made to his family that he will work hard, make some money, and send for them. But things go terribly awry when the ship he is on sinks and he finds himself the only survivor alone on the ocean. Remembering that his mother had instructed him to celebrate Hanukkah no matter where he was, he lights the first light.

That one little candle attracts someone -- a polar bear. Instead of eating him, the bear keeps him warm at night. Simon shares his latkes and sings his songs for the bear. In exchange the bear fishes for him. By the last night of Hanukkah he is about to give up on being rescued, but he remembers all of the miracles that had brought him this far and holds out hope. Sure enough, a ship arrives and rescues him. 

This is a wonderful and fanciful tale to share with your family year after year. To order a copy of Simon and the Bear for your family or dear friends, click here.

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