Thanks to some redneck ingenuity, bringing your dog to Walmart doesn't have to be a chore for yourself, your pet, or the store's beleaguered aisle clean-up crew.

Hands-Free Holiday Shopping Begins With A Reverse Poodle Papoose

Snapped by a no-doubt surprised shopper in a Kansas Walmart, this otherwise unremarkable shopper shows off what must be the most awesome pet carrier in the history of pet carrying. Not only does the classic (albeit reversed) rucksack shoulder-strap design allow for hands-free shopping, this spacious pet-carrier helps your pet avoid dangerous encounters with the stomping feet of harried & hurried holiday shoppers.

So, is our intrepid half-man, half-poodle shoppin' machine some sort of trendsetter? Is his front-mounted, shoulder-strapped pet carrier even a thing? Maybe and maybe... time will tell if others follow in his un-pooped-upon path, and Amazon appears to have just one slightly similar carrier listed on almost two dozen pages of search results.

Amazon's carrier is smaller than our pecs 'n pets-forward shopper, leading us to suspect this is some sort of redneck engineering project. If that's the case, well dang-it and tarnation it's a good one! Obviously there was no “hold my beer and watch this” involved or if there was, the design was perfected before said beer was downed. Here's to you, Mr Reverse Poodle Papoose Guy! (via People of Walmart)

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