Animal magnetism just got more practical thanks to the Southern Iron handmade magnetic cat paperweight.

Featuring two removable magnets to hold memos like “Buy More Cat Food!”, the minimalist design adds a note of whimsy to any cat-lover's home or office desktop.

Each paperweight is cast in iron using a traditional sand-casting process practiced for over four centuries. The company's workshop is located in Mizusawa, in Japan's northeastern Iwate prefecture, close (but not TOO close) to regions still recovering from the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake, tsunami, and Fukushima nuclear disaster.

Fear not, these iron paperweights are not radioactive but they will definitely add a note of warmth to your life!

Each paperweight measures 4.0cm by 7.1cm by 3.6cm (roughly 1.6” by 2.8” by 1.4”) and though you might think the tiny head and tail pieces would easily be lost, they're magnetic which helps them stick around (if you get my drift).

The design may be minimalist but owners are free to adjust the position of the head, tail and even the body itself to suit their preference.

The handmade magnetic cat paperweight was designed by Kazuto Ishida, formerly of Tokyo University of the Arts' Graduate School who established his own design studio in 1998.

Now featured at the Chimaji website, Ishida's endearing and intriguing magnetic cat paperweights can be purchased at the Chimaji product page where they're priced at 4,104 yen or about $35 each.