If you think your cat will not appreciate the material or workmanship of these toys, you're wrong. They remind cats of their mothers!


Karma Cat Halloween Candy Corn

Karma Cat Halloween Candy Corn


Made in Nepal from lanolin-rich wool gathered from sheep on the highest mountains in the Himalayas, the toys have the natural odor of mother cats. (No need to top them with catnip!)

Dharma Dog Karma Cat has been making wool caves and toys for pets for five years in Nepal. They are made by women who are paid higher wages than most people in their country, and it is the hope of Dharma Dog Karma Cat that it can help these women improve their living conditions.

The toys are anti-microbial and odor resistant and not treated with any chemical processes. Handcrafted by a technique called wet-felting, which uses only pure wool, natural soap, and water, their dyes are non-toxic and the dying process produces little waste. 

The Halloween cat toys look precious, but they are pretty tough.

I love the packaging! Here is a two-pack of the Karma Cat Halloween Bat and Spider Wool Cat Toys.




And another two-pack, the Karma Cat Halloween Skull and Jack-O-Lantern Wool Cat Toys:


Karma Cat Halloween Skull and Jack-O-Lantern Wool Cat Toys, Pack of 2


You can purchase the bat, skeleten, spider, and pumpkin in a 4-pack here.

Karma Cat Halloween Wool Cat Toys - 4 pack

Karma Cat Halloween Wool Cat Toys - 4 pack


Your purchase will not only delight your cats, but help the crafters feed their families and keep crafting traditions alive.


That's the buzz for today!

Lady Bee


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