These "Hana & Animals" plant pot kits each feature a leaf or a flower on the creature's nose but the real question might be... how do they smell?   

Hana & Animals plant pot kits

The Japanese word “hana” can mean either a flower or a nose so it's only natural that these cute ceramic plant pots feature a creature with leaf or a flower covering their honker.

Even better, each one of the four designs in the “Hana & Animals” series includes everything you need to grow the indicated plant... just add water!        

Hana & Animals plant pot kits

The series includes (from left to right) a rodent (could be a squirrel, possibly a capybara) with a strawberry bush, a cat with a clover bush, a hedgehog with a wild rose bush, and a penguin with a pansy plant.

These fully-contained plant pots would make great gifts for children as everything needed to grow the featured plant is included in the kit. They're practically foolproof and yeah, they smell grrrreat!

Hana & Animals plant pot kits

Each “Hana & Animals” outer pot measures 9cm tall by 7.8cm wide (3.55” by 3.1”). Packed inside you'll find an inner pot, a perforated pot bottom disc, cultivation soil, seed, and an instruction manual.

The models are sold individually and are priced at 1,100 yen (about $12) each. For more information and ordering instructions, please visit the product page for the cat/clover pot or the hedgehog/rose pot at Village Vanguard. (via PR Times)