This pet-friendly Dracula Cat Cloak will put a little bat in your cat this Halloween!  

Halloween Cat Cloak For Vampire Kitties

Dressing up your cat for Halloween this year? This cheap, quick & easy “costume” will give your feline that dramatic Dracula vibe without being overly invasive.

Clearly these nifty cloaks were designed by a cat owner because as we all know, cats really don't give a hoot about Halloween and generally don't care to wear clothes of any kind at any time. Trying to stuff Fifi into a full-fledged vampire getup could prompt her to... draw blood.

Halloween Cat Cloak For Vampire Kitties

Japanese website Qualia has priced these Halloween Cat Cloaks at only 400 yen (slightly over $4.00 each). They were originally released through Japanese “gachapon” capsule machines on October 1st of 2018, just in time for the scary season.

They're made from lustrous polyester satin and attach with one-touch, quick-release velcro tabs. Choose from Black, Red, Bat, Pumpkin, and Ghost. More info and images are available at the Qualia product page. (via Pouch)