I ate a Grumpy Cat Cake Pop once. It was... delicious! Still not tired of the internet's frowniest feline phenom? GOOD. Home made Grumpy Cat Cake Pops from the clever and craft-y bakers at Bakerella are just the thing to turn that frown upside down.

Bakerella's copiously illustrated “Boo. Hiss.” blog post offers instructions & tips for making & baking not just Grumpy Cat Cake Pops but their polar opposite, Boo Cake Pops.

As you can see above, the latter feature the relentlessly goofy grin of Boo, “The World’s Cutest Dog.” While Boo may garner cheers, we're here to celebrate all things both Grumpy and tasty so let the dogs out and say Hello to Kitty.

Bakerella's instructions aren't exactly at the cookbook level (a link to full how-to instructions for basic cake pops is provided) so keep that in mind before committing to catering a Grumpy Cat theme birthday party for a hard-to-please child and his/her friends... the grumpy faces you see won't just be on the failed Pop stars.

If you DO have a bit of a floured thumb, though, put your cooking intuition to work and let Bakerella be your guide! Whaddya think, Tardar Sauce?