doggy dining establishments are on the rise


So, you’ve got a little money tucked away for a nice meal out. Having someone else do the prep work and cooking for a change is always a welcome relief, and it’s these little splurges in life that we all look forward to. It used to be that these extravagances were limited to guests of the two-legged variety, but with the growing trend in pet restaurants, bakeries and mobile diners, that’s not the case anymore.


doggy style deli Alberta, Canada
Doggy Style Deli  (image via DSD Facebook)

Pet Restaurants

Want to treat Fido or Spot to a meal at a dine-in, sit-down restaurant? Over the last 10 years, services like that have started to expand. Take the Doggy Style Deli in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, for instance.

Since 2008, LaRea and Gino Rodrigues have been offering up a canine-focused menu that includes raw food as well as dishes like Maltese Meatloaf, Terrier Turkey Dinner, German Shepherd Pie, Pug Fried Rice, Shih Tzu Stew and Bulldog Spaghetti, among other culinary favorites.

If you really want to go all out, they even provide services for hosting doggy style birthday parties, complete with cake and reserved seating.


the dog bakery in Los Angeles
Southern California's The Dog Bakery   (image via TDB Facebook)

Doggy Bakeries

Even more prolific, doggy bakeries have sprung up around the world, and they’re doing a brisk business. The doggy delectables provided at canine bakeries are primarily made from human-grade ingredients, so you can sample many of the treats for yourself, if you’re so inclined.

The best part about them? Just like most pet supply stores these days, your dog is welcome to belly up to the counter while you make your selection and wait at checkout. Many of them ship straight to your door.


Seattle Barkery food truck
Seattle Barkery    (image via SB Facebook)

Mobile Eateries for Pets

Once called roach coaches, mobile eateries have come a long way. Besides offering a wider selection of food choices than previously found on construction sites, they’re cleaner, more closely supervised, and they now cater to pets.

In Washington state, for instance, the Seattle Barkery is a veritable meals on wheels for pet owners on the go looking for something to sink their teeth into — not just for their dogs, but for themselves as well. Their food trucks provide menus for both humans and dogs, so you no longer have to buy a kid’s burger at a fast food joint and scrape off the pickles or brush the salt off French fries.

Pet Culinary Services

If you’d like to find food services for pets in your area, you can try googling keywords such as “pet restaurants,” “pet bakeries,” “pet food trucks” and the name of your city or town. “Pet restaurants” will initially lead you to eateries that allow dogs, but as the trend continues to grow you’ll find more and more establishments that cater to animal palates.

Pet Food Careers

If you enjoy cooking or baking and pampering your pets, you could also join that growing trend and open up your own facility to fill the niche in your area. They say half the battle in life is finding a way to support yourself doing something you love. What better way to spend your day than surrounded by animals?