This green frog backpack from Fluke Frog adds a dash of cute critter charm to any child's back-to-school ensemble.    

Green Frog Backpack Helps Kids Hop Back To Class

I toad you there would be homework... but that's the warts part of going back to school thanks to this cheerful green frog backpack from Japan's Fluke Frog. It sure beats lugging around textbooks, notebooks and school supplies by hand!

A built-in wide-mouth (literally) zipper closure ensures no one – not even the dog – can get at your schoolwork without a personal say-so. The backpack's eye-spots, faux nostrils and dangling arms and legs don't any function other than imparting fun and cuteness to what otherwise would be a boring utilitarian appliance.

Green Frog Backpack Helps Kids Hop Back To Class

School can be tough, both academically and socially, and you want to ensure your precious tadpole becomes a big frog in the small pond of his or her class. This green frog backpack from Fluke Frog fits the bill when it comes to ribbeting, er, riveting their leap of status... and that's no bull (frog).

The green frog backpack is made from durable cotton and polyester fabric. The bold green exterior is complemented by a bright red lining meant to evoke the inside of a frog's mouth. The backpack measures 38cm long by 25cm wide by 12cm deep (15” by 10” by just under 5”), and can be ordered online at the Village Vanguard “exciting book store” website product page.