Animal yawns can sometimes look like gapes of wrath but fear not, our furry, feathery and even scaly friends really just wanna catch some peaceful shuteye.  

yawning cat


1) Yawning Cats

yawning cats

Is yawning really contagious? We almost dislocated our jaw composing this article so, yeah! Turns out yawning can spread from pet to pet as well, with the pair of sleepy Russian Blue kittehs above cutely illustrating the phenomenon. (yawning animal images via GoonSquadSarah above and Rebecca at top)         


2) Yawning Ferret

yawning ferret

This cute albino ferret sure looks to be in the pink, and that's not quite the same as looking a gift horse in the mouth. Not quite indeed but pretty darn close, we'd say! (yawning animal image via Isa Costa                  


3) Yawning Croc

yawning crocodile

The wide-open jaws of a crocodile might not be the first thing you'd want to see in the morning. Could be worse, though: they could be the last thing you see in the evening... or ever, for that matter. (yawning animal image via Linda)                  


4) Yawning Leopard

yawning leopard

This leopard was spotted stretching its sleepy, toothy jaws at the Vienna Zoo one day last May. To be fair, that last sentence could have ended after the first four words but hey, we got deadlines to meet and space to fill. (yawning animal image via Tambako The Jaguar)              


5) Yawning Seal

yawning seal

This apparently sleepy seal is probably thinking, “If I sit here long enough, someone's bound to throw me a fish.” The joke's on you, my finny friend, 'cuz this ain't Sea World it's the real world. Sorry, bait-breath, all you're gonna catch is flies. (yawning animal image via Caitlin Regan)                


6) Yawning Camel

yawning camel

So you'd walk a mile for a camel, huh? Unfortunately the shoe's on the other camel toe, so to speak, as this particular ship-of-the-desert appears ready to sail into dreamland. (yawning animal image via Tanel Teemusk              


7) Yawning Red Panda

yawning red panda

One doesn't see Red Pandas very often, which makes the photo above kinda exciting. The critter above, however, lives in a German zoo and if its expression is any indication, the novelty of humanity has long since faded. (yawning animal image via ludw)                  


8) Yawning Bat

yawning bat

Dark nights are made for Dark Knights so this yawning bat is presumably getting an early start on twilight... just look at those gleaming fangs! As for the winged warrior's inverted posture, it's easily explained: fruit hangs from trees and this is a fruit bat so it's basically just getting with the program. Sounds legit. (yawning animal image via Aapo Haapanen)        


9) Koala

yawning koala

Looking for a professional yawner? Look no further: this furry critter says he's got all the koala-fications. Umm, yeah... don't eucalyptus, we'll call you. (yawning animal image via pelican                  


10) Flying Squirrel

yawning flying squirrel

This flying squirrel has evidently seen and heard enough of Bullwinkle's bull and is expressing her boredom in the clearest way possible. Watch him try to pull a rabbit out of his hat? Again? That trick never works and she's as bored as Badanov. (yawning animal image via Clevergrrl)