Graffiti Artist Jimmy Swift Transforms Rock Into Jaws-Like Shark

On Palolem Beach, South Goa, India, American artist Jimmy Swift displayed his unique ability to create outdoor art that is both creative and terrifying. On a gigantic triangular rock jutting out of the water near the coastline, he transformed it into a horrific "jaws-like" man-eating shark.

“When I first saw this rock it looked like a perfect place for a great white,” revealed Swift, who created his menacing image in March 2015. “It’s truly amazing how mother nature can carve out such a perfect shape.”

Since then, Swift’s shark has become a favorite landmark for fellow travelers, who often stop by to take a picture with it [see below.]

Jimmy Swift Bio . . .

Jimmy Swift is an American-born artist who's been working his craft for over 15 years. He's traveled to more than 90 countries creating graffiti exhibitions along the way. His signature pieces are a window into soul. His work applies mixed media and elements of nature unique to each location. He is currently based in Los Angeles, California working on a new body of work -- perhaps something that might include more terrifying creatures from the deep.

Hard Work if you can get it . . .

“This was the hardest thing I’ve ever painted. I was literally beat up by the waves and rising tide and forced to stop before it was finished. I could have done better, but between the blowing sand and wind, splashing waves, burning hot sun and the fact I’ve never painted a shark before or painted on a 3 dimensional surface like a rock," noted Swift.

I think it turned out OK,” writes the artist on his Instagram post. “When I first saw this rock it looked like a perfect place for a great white. Hopefully it doesn’t scare the shit out of people! This was inspired by the movie posters from Jaws…. A movie that scared the shit out of me when I was a kid!”

Despite the treacherous conditions, Swift said it took him only an hour to complete the piece. “People are mostly nice and just curious, but sometimes when people start gathering around, it turns into something that I don’t love. I guess some people like being watched, but I like working in private. So when I paint I do it in places where not many people are or at times of the day, when people are sleeping or just getting up," noted Swift.

"I painted the shark right around sunrise. I was also trying to time the tides to make sure I painted in low tide, but unfortunately, I found out the hard way that my weather predictions were a bit off,” concluded Swift. Nonetheless, as you can see from the pic below, this shark will provide interesting photo ops for locals and tourists, for years to come.

Primary Source: My Modern Met

Graffiti Artist Jimmy Swift Transforms Rock Into Jaws-Like Shark