As Govt Seeks To Diminish Human Healthcare, Workplaces Add Benefits For Pets

It’s stunning to think with today’s heated political debates directed at potentially dismantling healthcare, there are a number of outstanding companies in the U.S. who are not only taking care of their employees’ benefits, but also those of their pets. Some 23 workplaces on Inc.’s ‘Best Workplaces’ list this year have worked diligently to win over animal-loving employees.

Pet Insurance

Generally speaking, “it’s not a super common benefit,” noted Evren Esen, director of survey programs at the Society for Human Resource Management. However, with that said, the number of firms offering pet insurance as a benefit has increased. Over the last four years, it jumped from 6% to 9%, according to SHRM.

Some companies are also providing ‘discounted’ pet insurance plans to their employees. For instance, Criteria Corp, a pre-employment testing company based in West Hollywood, California, offers 20 percent off of pet insurance for all employees, who can then take the remaining amount out of their checks pre-tax, if they so desire.

Wpromote is involved in this practice. As a digital marketing firm headquartered in El Segundo, California, they partner with Petplan, a pet insurance company, to offer discounts to their employees.

Pet-Friendly Offices

Established in 1999, ‘Take Your Dog to Work Day’ has grown in popularity, as more and more companies have become involved. In a 2016 survey by Banfield Pet Hospital that studied U.S. companies with pet-friendly policies, 88% of employees said that allowing pets in the office improved morale.

Now taking this mindset to another level, some companies are able to recruit pet-loving employees by allowing new hires to bring pets to the office regularly. Companies such as Choozle and Purely Elizabeth have created dog-friendly offices, where their staff’s pets are welcome to accompany them to work.

Criteria Corp became dog-friendly two years ago, when they relocated their facilities. It now allows employees' dogs to roam around their new digs freely. Then to add to the fun and as another morale-booster, the company highlights their furry visitors on their Instagram account, titled: "Dogs of Criteria."

Discounts on Merchandise

As many of us know, owning a dog or a cat can be costly, with monthly expenses for pet grub, treats and other merchandise often exceeding household budgets. Some firms have recognized these needs and are assisting their employees in this regard. Xima Software, a Salt Lake City based management software company, not only provides pet insurance for its employees but also discounts on pet goods, such as toys, grooming and food products.

Don’t Forget 'Take Your Dog To Work Day'

While you may have missed this year’s ‘Take Your Dog To Work Day,’ this past June 23, 2017, check back with this site for next year's updates. Pet Sitters International [PSI] created this event to encourage employers to acknowledge the joys of pets in the workplace, while supporting local pet charities throughout in their local communities.

If your place of employment wants to get involved, let them know they can also consider ‘Take Your Pet to Work Week.’ Both initiatives are scheduled in June each year.