In 2018, 59.5 percent of cats and 55.8 percent of dogs were classified as overweight or obese, according to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention. Does this include one of your pets?

Exercise will help, but so will diet, and this PetFusion Digital Scale & Scoop will surely help you give your cat or dog "measured" amounts of food....


PetFusion Digital Scale & Scoop

PetFusion Digital Scale & Scoop


There's a lot of confusion in the pet food industry today about which ingredients are healthy, which are not, whether to feed wet or dry food, best times to feed.... but very little focus has been on how much to feed. Packaged food usually contains recommended options based on amount rather than the weight of the food, and veterinarians might tell you just to feed your pet less and exercise him more. But the PetFusion Digital Scale & Scoop makes it a lot easier to control your pet's food intake.


PetFusion Digital Scale & Scoop

PetFusion Digital Scale & Scoop


Even if your pet is at the correct weight for her breed, age, and size, there are good reasons to have a small scale around. One is that recommended amounts of food are confusing, so you need some kind of stability to maintain your dog's weight or even to increase her weight. For example, I give my dog a well-known prescription food and, according to the bag's instructions, you're supposed to measure his dry food in a liquid cup! No, I think I'd rather weigh the food in grams. Also, liquid and powdered medications and supplements should be weighed to accurately dose them. I even weigh my pup's pills after I split them, just to make sure I'm giving him the right amount.



PetFusion Digital Pet Food Scale & Scoop


That's something you can do with the PetFusion Digital Scale & Scoop. You can weigh powdered or liquids in it, as it measures milliliters, teaspoons, and fluid ounces, as well as grams.


PetFusion Digital Scale & Scoop


The PetFusion Digital Scale & Scoop is available in one and two cup sizes. One amazing thing about this scale is that it can detect the weight of cup ingredients whether you insert the cup in the scale or not! This is a new, must-see item at; so far, the reviews are fantastic!


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