Delomo Cat Food Dispenser

Delomo Cat Food Dispenser/Toy


Whether you pack this food dispenser with cat kibble or treats, your kittens will love this toy and it will make them feel right at home.

Kitties are often shy when you first bring them home. After all, they are being brought into a totally new environment with people to boot and maybe even other pets. Chilling them out requires a separate space for them, with their own cat boxes, beds, food and water bowls, and toys! 

Toys help to reduce a cat's anxiety, especially toys that stimulate their natural instincts like chasing, jumping, swatting, rolling around, etc. Exercise is very important to pets, not the least of which reason is to help them relax.


Delomo Cat Food Dispenser

Delomo Cat Food Dispenser/Toy


The Delomo Cat Food Dispenser/Toy has a variety of stimulants for your cat, just one being the odor of his food.  An LED light (stays on while your cat is interacting with the dispenser), a feather, a bell, and a spring all provide challenge and fun for your kitties. 


Delomo Cat Food Dispenser


I love the fact that the rubber base if the Delomo Cat Food Dispenser/Toy adheres to any hard, flat surface. Make sure the surface is clean and that the suction cup base of the Dispenser is also clean and dry.  Move the Dispenser around from a floor surface to a wall surface to give your kitty some variety.

Multiple kitties in your home? Just watch the video of four of them enjoying this combination toy and treat dispenser.


That's the buzz for today!

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