Nap Cap Dog Bed



The newest snapback cap is in the form of a "NAP CAP," designed just like a snapback cap but, of course, larger, so your dog or cat can nap within.


Nap Cap NBA Pet Bed



The NAP CAP is a sports-team branded line of pet beds by Made Brilliantly, which has licensed hundreds of logosfrom the National Basketball Association (NBA), Major League Baseball (MLB), the National Hockey League, and even some big college athletic teams.

No, I can't name all the teams, but you can find them at the links in the above paragraphBUT before you go running off to those links, let me show you how nicely these patented beds are designed.



Of course, cats can nap in the NAP CAPs too! 

The NAP CAPs are machine washable and are available in three sizes: small (27.63" L x 19.29" W x 13.03"), medium ( 34.68" L x 22.24" W x 16.29" H), and large ( 44.17" L x 28.26" W x 22.16" H).  See if you can find your pet in the chart below.


Nap Cap sizing chart

NAP CAP Sizing Chart


It can't hurt to go a size larger if your pet is between sizes. See the links below to find your favorite team's NAP CAP Pet Bed:



If you're a basketball fan, Made Brilliantly designed the matching NAP CAP Chew & Squeak Toys....


NAP CAP Chew Toys

NBA CHEWTOY Chew & Squeak Toys


These chewy/squeaky NBA toys are great for small to medium dogs, who are not heavy chewers. Made of foam and vinyl, the dimensions are 5" L x 4" W x 3" H.

NAP CAP NBA Squeaky Chew Toys

NBA CHEWTOY Chew & Squeak Toys


These items are fairly new to the pet market. They look good; we'll see how they fare.


That's the buzz for today!

Lady Bee


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