I saw these gorgeous seasoning shakers by Qualy Design and fell it love. I'm sure you can understand why when you take a close look at the Animal Parade Seasoning Shaker Set.

 Animal Spice ShakersAnimal Spice Shakers

Easily the most innovative seasoning shakers that I’ve ever found, the Animal Parade set features four cleverly designed animal themed shakers on a clever glass display. Each of the four shakers, a bunny, camel, deer and polar bear, were specifically chosen because they would look natural sitting in their “natural habitats.” For example, if you were to pour some brown sand-like cinnamon into the camel shaker, it gives the impression that your humped friend is standing in a cinnamon desert- That is, before you empty out its desert onto your dessert!



There's even a video of the product that you can watch to learn more:

 So what to you think? Can you see a place for them in your home?

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