Since May of 2007, Google Street View has been panoramically mapping the world's highways and byways while coincidentally snapping who (or what) ever happens to be around at the time, including the odd animal or two... or even ten!



10) My Karma Hit Your Dogma

Google Street View dog

Neither the woman above nor her canine companion appear impressed by the Google Street View car cruising down the local sideroad, snapping pics of their homes and gardens. The pooch seems especially perturbed... 10 to 1 he lifts his leg on the car's front tire. (Google Street View animal image via cellanr)  



9) Street Mor Chiken!

Google Street View chicken

Why did the chicken cross the road? That ain't any of your business, Google! How did this imperious-looking rooster's road trip end? Hopefully not via a losing battle with the oncoming motorcycle. (Google Street View animal image via Kevin Dooley)



8) Sidewalk Dogwalk

Google Street View fluffy white dog

Kudos to Google for blurring the faces of those caught by their Street View surveyors... human faces, that is. Why don't pets and animals - OK, maybe not roadkill but still - get the same respect for their privacy? Like, would you want to be photographed being led down the road by a leash? Not that there's anything wrong with that. (Google Street View animal image via Megan Smith


7) Horses Before The Carts

Google Street View Serbia horse carts

These cargo carts snapped somewhere in Serbia might look a little primitive by most standards but hey: one horsepower is enough to get the job done if you're not in a big hurry. Gas isn't an issue either, if you take care to procure high-octane hay. (Google Street View animal image via Kevin Dooley)



6) Build The Wall!

Google Street View dog fence

So, you think a "steel slat" fence that allows for better visibility is the key to stopping illegal immigration? Judging by the malleable mutt above, it would appear a beaded curtain would be more effective. (Google Street View animal image via Nguyen Tan Tin)  



5) Me & My Gull

It's a Brighton shiny day on the English coast and the seagulls are going about their business just like the rest of us, though not on an empty stomach. This fine feathered freeloader wants to make sure that when you do a GIS for “cheeky bread-snatching bird,” he'll appear in all his gluttonous glory. (Google Street View animal image via Nguyen Tan Tin)



4) Just Say Neigh

Google Street View horse

This meandering mare had best keep to her lane lest she be "grazed" by a passing vehicle. Then again, that's one purty mustang... bet she gets at least 2-3 miles to the gallop! (Google Street View animal image via Megan Smith



3) Kick It Into Gear

Google Street View bird leg

Google's Street View cars don't always hit wildlife but when they do, it's usually caught on camera for posterity. We have to blame the critter, not Google, for the incident above, however. Street View vehicles drive slowly enough that even an overweight sloth could avoid a collision. (Google Street View animal image via Megan Smith



2) Heckled & Jeckled

Google Street View crows

Could this pair of blackbirds be hitch-hiking, or are they just posing for images later to be posted at their... crow-funding website? We'd ask them how long they were going to wait there but something tells us their answer would be, quoth un-quoth, "nevermore". (Google Street View animal image via Megan Smith)



1) Low Speed, High Definition

Google Street View HDR Plovdiv horse cart

Google Street View photos may inadvertently record some unusual content but other than that, they're generally utilitarian and bland. Kudos to creative human artists who use those raw images and process them to bring out their inherent beauty via the "magic" of HDR. Take the street view above, located in the Bulgarian city of Plovdiv: a timeless scene comes alive, warmed by the emotional interaction of Man and beast. (Google Street View animal image via Kevin Dooley) 


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