Google’s New Pet Apps: Who's A Good Boy? Who’s Our Sweet Puss?

Well, it was bound to happen. Google unveiled today a new iOS and Android app designed specifically for our cats and dogs — in essence, handing the Internet over to our favorite furry friends. As we’ve grown to understand over the last couple of decades, the digerati just can’t get enough cute pics and memes of puppies and kittens. So, it's only fair we let those celebrated creatures have an opportunity to join in the fun too.

They get our privacy too?

So,”welcome to the Internet, cats and dogs, [but] please don't dig through my Twitter history," notes CNet’s tech culture contributor Alfred Ng. This was an obvious reference to Internet providers like AT&T, Comcast and Verizon who are now permitted by law to share and sell our personal information.


Google updated its the apps with "I'm Feeling Woof" and "I'm Feeling Meow," which can be activated with 3D Touch on the app icons. You can also prompt these new modes with the apps' settings where you can select either option. A screen populates with a cat or dog paw, depending on which one you picked, and then takes you to a page with pet-friendly information.

If you're "Feeling Woof," search results for "frisbees," "dog bones" and "tennis balls" will direct your Fido to things that most interest him or her.

Under "I'm Feeling Meow," cats would see "balls of yarn," "scratching posts" and "bowls of milk."

Just remember in both cases, to delete your pet's search history, less AT&T is listening in.

Android Users

Android users will also be able to download the free "Google Play for Pets" app. This one is specifically for training and playing with your cats, dogs and/or turtles. Have you ever seen a cat playing Fruit Ninja? If only there really were an app store just for pets.


In case you were wondering whether or not these new apps were "fur real" — guess what, they're not! This is Google’s 2017 April Fool’s prank.

The search engine giant has built a reputation for April Fools' Day, tricking search engine users over the years.

Last year's "Drop the Mic" joke backfired when it got rid of a feature that people actually used on Gmail. As part of this tradition, the company has also hinted at Pokemon Go two years before it actually came out, followed up by an end to YouTube and announcement another year regarding the Google Nose wearable.

Happy April's Fools Day, friends, dog, cats, puppies and kittens everywhere!