‘Google Photos’ App’s Oppawtunity For Pet Photos & Mini-Movies

If you’re a pet owner like myself, who is passionate about taking photos of your pets, you’ll be happy to know that ‘Google Photos’ just makes grouping them a lot easier. Launched in most countries this October, you’ll now be able to view photos of your cats and dogs now grouped alongside people. You can then label them by name, search to quickly find photos of them, as well as selfies of the two of you.

Lily Kharevych, software engineer at Google Photos explains it this way: “If you have a bunch of photos of your furry friends, you now have the oppawtunity to see them all in one place in Google Photos. This makes it even easier to create albums, movies, or even a photo book of your pet.”

Additional Furr-tures

In addition to the grouping, Google Photos fur-tunately has some other unique features. You can search by breed to see photos of your Cocker Spaniel or Chihuahua, or even search by the emoji you attached to all your ‘dog’ or ‘cat’ photos.

Pet owners can also make their own mini-movies on the app. All you have to do is tap on the new photo group of your pet, select your favorite photos, tap “+” and create a movie (this also works to create a photo book).

If you want to swap the soundtrack, the app features six pet-inspired songs to choose from in the movie editor— “whether you want to raise-the-ruff or add some cattitude,” notes Kharevych.


Fly in the ointment . . . or is that breed?

Like all new apps, tweaks and enhancements will come in time and as a result of feedback from users. For instance, Buzzfeed News found that “while the app should be able to sort out your beagle from your Bernese, it seems like it may need help telling the difference between two dogs or cats of the same breed.”

In addressing that issue, a Google spokesperson confirmed to that "this is just the start, and that if you have a number of pets that are the same breed (such as a few yellow Labs), you might need to help the app by removing photos of a misgrouped pet, so the app can tell Lassie from Fido."

To download the app simply go to iPhone or Android smartphones.

Primary Source: Google Photos