PetsLady blogger John P. Barker passed away unexpectedly earlier this month. In addition to a variety of articles he was best known for sharing Animal Videos of the Day. In his honor I bring you a video that he would have loved: Sad Cat Diary.

John loved videos by zefrank and was definitely into cats. This video would not only make him smile but laugh out loud. His cat, Princess Leia, was the light of his life.

John became a good friend of mine through the website and years of texting. So much so that I eventually nicknamed him "Woof" for his last name. He was an animal lover and a cat dad. He loved to cook, watch movies, and make friends. He hadn't posted on the website in some time due to difficulties in his personal life. I always ended out many conversations with "Goodnight, Woof!" So here it is one last time. Goodnight, Woof! You will be missed.

For videos posted by John P. Barker, click here.


Rest In Peace John.
Your friend,

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