Google announced today that its photo app, Google Photo, will now recognize and group photos of your pets, as long as your pets don't look too much alike.

The Oliver and Mr. V groupings, below, are easy-peasy for the newest version of the app to identify.

New Google Photo recognizes pets

Google via Buzzfeed


This new app is great news for pet owners, most of whom take more photos of their pets than their friends! So for those of you who don't want your dog showing up in your mother-in-law's photo grouping, this update for Google Photo is a big step that's been a long time coming.

But this is the beginning of Google Photo's 'pet recognition program" (my term).  With this release Google Photo can distinguish between different breeds of dogs if they don't resemble each other (like Rat Terriers and Jack Russell Terriers) too much. You will have to wait for future developments in the app when it will recognize that your four yellow Labs are not the same dog.

Here's a collection of one yellow lab named "Oliver."

Dog and cat recognition on Google Photo

Google via Buzzfeed


We'll have to see how well the Google Photo app recognizes kitties from the same litter. (No, I did not write 'kitty litter,' but isn't that a clever play on words?)

Here's a charming, if choppy, 'pet movie' that Google made to show you something you can do with a few of your pet's images....


If you would like to download the new app, you can do so for Apple products here and Android products here!

Have fun!


Google Blog via Buzzfeed


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