When an elderly man fell into the water and was unable to climb the rocks to get out, it was  Moe who alerted his owner, John Newman, with his barking, and even though it was  Newman who pulled the man out of the water,  the hero in this story is Moe the Golden Retriever.

Moe is a barker. Those who live within his orbit are well accustomed to his sharp notification of anything crawling around the family backyard. Whether a hungry racoon seeking a midnight snack or a wandering tom cat, Moe is always on duty. One this particular Wednesday morning, Moe's bark was decidedly different. According to Newman: " It was not loud or or aggressive. It turned out, I believe because it was a human being as opposed to a threat. He's a people dog. He loves people." (See:Buddy The Cat Saves Owner From Heart Attack.)


Moe The Hero Retriever
Hero Moe

Moe's  Barking Leads To Scary Discovery

Moe' s incessant barking made Newman go outside and investigate. To his horror, he found an elderly man who had slipped into the icy water during his morning walk  and couldn't climb out of the rocks. Newman pulled him out, but credits  Moe with  saving his life. He told the press: "I have no doubt about it. If you were to go into that water right now, you wouldn't last very long at all." (See: Retriever Kelsey Saves Owner From Freezing To Death.)


Sweet Moe
Sweet Moe

All's Well That End Well

Paramedics arrived on the scene  and transported the elderly man to the hospital where he made a full recovery. The local police showed their appreciation for Moe the new home-town hero by paying him a special visit and rewarding him with doggy treats. The department also posted news about him on their Facebook page on two occasions. (See: .Lulu The Pot-Bellied  Pig Saves Life of Owner.)

Newman could not be any prouder of Sweet Moe. H e told the press: "It makes me feel very good because I am his dad and you know we always have that special feeling for our children." (See; Homeless Russian Cat Saves Abandoned Baby.)

Hey there, Sweet Moe.
Good work!

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