There are just certain occasions that arise when it seems that your dog
or cat needs to be ready to present themselves more formally. You don't
need to spring for a whole suit. You can get the job done with just a White Collar and Tie.

Necktie for Dogs and CatsNecktie for Dogs and Cats

You can choose between a bow tie and a regular neck tie. The bow tie comes in black and the neck tie in a selection of striped colors from a conservative red and black to a more flashy yellow and green.

Dog at the Office (Image via Tails)Dog at the Office (Image via Tails)

It is the perfect attire for Take Your Dog To Work Day. Your pooch will be looking properly corporate when you trot it in for the day. With both of you looking dapper you may impress your boss enough to get that raise you've been wanting.

Bow TieBow Tie

They are working on Take Your Cat To Work Day, but so far they have not been able to get in a large enough supply of bandages and iodine to handle the carnage.

To order your dog or cat a White Collar and Tie, click here.

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Cat in a Collar and Tie (Image via Me Wanty)Cat in a Collar and Tie (Image via Me Wanty)

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