The Godzilla Roar Car Horn delivers a monstrously motivating wake-up call to annoying stop sign texters from Toronto to Tokyo.   

Godzilla Roar Car Horn from Boom Blasters

The so-called Muscle Car Era seems as ancient as the Mesozoic Era, and today's neutered vehicles sound a LOT less intimidating than their Roadrunning forbears. The aural apocalypse affected car horns as well, sad to say, with most current auto tooters conforming to a meekly inoffensive tone.

It's safe to say your car horn needs more of something... no, not more cowbell, more kaiju! And, being that October 27th is the 65th anniversary of the original Godzilla movie's premier (in Nagoya, Japan), the kaiju you need under your hood has GOT to be Godzilla! Got it? get it!

Godzilla, 1954 poster

The Godzilla Roar Car Horn from Boom Blasters is one of over 170 different animal sound horns they offer, ranging from Angry Chimp to Zebra. They've even got a T Rex. The horns fit almost any vehicle with a 12-volt power source so don't be surprised if the minivan, riding mower or golf cart you roar at roars right back! You can even wire the horn to a 12-volt lantern battery next time you go camping – hilarity will surely ensue.

The horn measures just 3” by 3” but pumps out 20 watts worth of sound at an ear-rippin' 119 decibels. You don't even have to be in your vehicle to operate it: a remote control fob with an effective range of up to 20 feet is included. Additional remotes are available, allowing for endless family fun.

Godzilla, 1954 movie

Check out this video from Boom Blasters to hear the Godzilla Roar Car Horn in action, and please visit the product page for ordering instructions. (images via VerettiPosters and Wikipedia)

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