2018 is here - did you mist it? The brand new, sound-enabled and LED-equipped Godzilla humidifier is the only steam-breathing moisture monster you'll ever need.

Godzilla Humidifier Makes Steam, Makes You Scream

Oh no, there goes Tokyo's dry air! Just imagine what this foot-tall movie mist machine will do to your town – or at least, your home's interior. The officially licensed Godzilla humidifier is, to quote seller Hamee of Japan, the “King of Humidifiers” and appearances do NOT deceive.

Just fill up your Godzilla humidifier's internal reservoir with clean water and plug it into the nearest electrical outlet via the included AC adapter. Hit the power button and stand back as the original Godzilla movie theme begins to play.

Godzilla Humidifier Makes Steam, Makes You Scream

Watch in amazement as twin blue LEDs buried deep in the monster's throat illuminate each exhaled plume of water vapor – a 3-second blast emanates every 7 seconds. Auto shut-off accompanied by the Godzilla theme song is activated when the water tank reaches empty.

Order your Godzilla humidifier online, direct from the OMG Japan product page. Pricing is $75.00 each, plus shipping.

*** UPDATED on March 14th, 2019 ***


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