Riding the bus in Singapore just got a lot more “boaring” thanks to an unusually un-boorish herd of over a dozen wild boars that peacefully swarmed a suburban bus station.   

As God Is My Witness I Thought Swine Flew

It was a typical quiet evening at the Tuas Bus Interchange in west Singapore last Wednesday (June 14th), and the station's small canteen was full. Little did the cafe's patrons know they were about to be overrun by a herd of wild, grunting, shaggy beasts!

While said beasts were indeed wild, grunting and shaggy, their arrival en masse at around 8:50pm caused little if any commotion – the patrons carried on with what they were doing, some not even bothering to look up from their laptops as the boars milled about on the patio, sidewalk and roadway. Others began recording the boars on their phones before sharing the videos on social media sites.

As God Is My Witness I Thought Swine Flew

By the time a reporter from The Straits Times arrived about 90 minutes later, the canteen had closed and most of the boars had left the area – possibly by bus though we can't confirm that. "All a-boarrrr'd!"

One of the better-quality videos (vertical, unfortunately) taken at the scene shows from 12 to 15 wild boars of various sizes ambling hither and yon in a decidedly non-aggressive manner.


Although staff at the canteen operated by the National Transport Workers' Union declined to comment, it seems that wild boars visit the Tuas Bus Interchange twice, occasionally three times weekly.    

If that's the case, then perhaps people and porkers have learned to peacefully coexist – at least, in the friendly confines of the bus station. Wild boars are still, er, wild however and the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore is advising the public to keep their distance as “they are unpredictable and can be dangerous.” Even photographing them can be risky since the camera's flash could provoke their innate Fight Or Flight reflex – and you do NOT want to be around if they chose the former.