What's a fruit-loving jumbo to do when lured by the pungent aroma of jumbo fruit? Break into the store, that's what, and then come back for more 'cuz DURIAN!

Go Home Elephant, You're Trunk... on Durian

Durian – a large, formidably spiky and ferociously pungent fruit native to Southeast Asia – is one of the most polarizing foods around.

Either you love it with a passion or you hate it with the fire of a thousand flaming dumpsters... which is one way, by the way, of describing the nose-hair-curling odor of the infamous “King of Fruits”.

Go Home Elephant, You're Trunk... on Durian

Durian's inexplicable olfactory allure extends to other species besides humans – just ask a young bull elephant from Thailand's Kaeng Krachan National Park. According to Siriphon Kerdsuchon, owner of the Dao Kaset Pa La-U agricultural supplies store, the wild pachyderm broke down a sliding metal shutter door in order to access the ripe fruits being stored within.

Later that evening the sweet-toothed beast returned for more, smashing through the newly-repaired door and absconding with 10 more durians. This time, the store owner was able to catch him in the act – that's the perp above, sporting a classic “I regret nothing!” expression.    

Go Home Elephant, You're Trunk... on Durian

Shopkeepers in Kaeng Krachan National Park have had to put up with intrusive wild animals for the past 15 years, although few creatures have been as bold as this “durian-crazed” young tusker.

Compensation for those affected by rampaging (and often protected) wildlife remains minuscule as the fund set up for that purpose is far to small to cover all the claims.

No Durians sign, Singapore subway

Perhaps the solution for Ms Kerdsuchon and her fellow shopkeepers is... don't store durian in a shop inside a wildlife preserve? It's either that or elephant-proof your shops; an undertaking that's easier said than done.

In any case, it's safe to say the moral of this story is: don't get between a hungry elephant and a pile of ripe durian fruit. At least one bruised and battered metal door will sadly agree. (via Coconuts Thailand, Banmuang, NewTV, and alex.ch)