While “toss and retrieve” styled toys aren’t usually the kind of thing that you can leave alone with your dog, it’s hard to think of better goodies than these to promote exercise, excitement and bonding between you and your best friend:





The PrideBites crew clearly put a ton of thought into making the definitive fetch toy by combining the best from plush and rubber toys to form a large fleece-covered, shape-holding foam cushioned, floating, squeaking, lightweight and machine washable fetcher. Since the toy is lightweight and durable (easily withstands 55lbs of pull pressure!), it works just as easily as an indoor or outdoor toy, and for dogs of all sizes. My favorite thing about the PrideBites are the wide variety of fun available shapes. Choose from Snakes, Monkeys, Cats, Pigs, Dogs, or even your own custom-made toy!



P:ECO by Sprocket Pet Goods

 Wildflower P:ECOWildflower P:ECO

Meet P:ECO, the penguin! P:ECO is a durable 8in. tall fetcher made with organic cotton and recycled materials, so by giving your dog this cute squeaker, you’ll give some former trash a new lease on life. P:ECO is a very colorful character and is available in four vibrant and retro colors: Lagoon, Poppy, Wildflower and my personal favorite, Berry. Between P:ECO’s bright colors, toughness and “green” background, I can only see this vivid penguin’s popularity growing in the near future as more environmentally conscious dog owners meet him!

 Berry P:ECOBerry P:ECO


The FlyingFISH/Minnow by Ruff Dawg


Ruff Dawg’s family of All-American rough and tumble fetch toys have been growing for years now, and they’ve got quite a few winners in their toy box. If your puppy has her sea legs, the 9in long FlyingFISH is the ultimate amphibious fetcher, as it is made of a softer, yet resilient “tie-dyed” rubber that always floats on the water’s surface. Bonus Points for Ruff Dawg for developing a smaller “Minnow” version so that our pint-sized pooches can enjoy bouncing into the pool or beachside shallows to retrieve their fishy friend.


Whether you and your puppy toss toys at the beach, park, backyard or simply down the hallway and back, these safe and long-lasting toys will help to make each game of fetch even more memorable. Don’t forget that you can grab all of these great toys from Amazon.com, so be sure to take your time and browse for you and your dog’s favorite colors and shapes. Have fun and play safe!

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