Even if you are not into the environment, you know that your dog is.  Dogs are born nature lovers.  They love to dig in dirt, roll in other dogs' feces, sniff other dogs' private parts, lick their own pee, and eat grass.  They're totally natural and at one with the environment.

So with Earth Day coming up on April 22, 2009, show your dog how much you love him and the earth by taking him to an Earth Day activity -- tons of them are taking place everywhere!  I promise other dogs will be there too.

Go Doggie Go Green has perfect T-shirts for your dog's Earth Day activities. They're 100 percent organic cotton, nicely styled in cuffed sleeveless tank, with pure and simple statements about your dog's values (or yours).  Anyway they're cute.

Here is a sampling from Go Doggie Go Green!




The Go Doggie Go Green dog T-shirts are available in small, medium, and large and come in natural, white, and green.  Visit them all at  Go Doggie Go Green. 

And if you're going to be traveling any time between Earth Day and September 5. 2009 several Loews Hotels are offering 'Go Green' packages for dogs, including room service for your dog's meal (organic and locally grown), a Zogoflex Huck (natural dog toy) and a 100 percent organic cotton bandanna make by Go Doggie Go Green. 

Also, check out EarthdayNetwork, to prepare for the big day!


That's the buzz for today!